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協會在熱心會員努力下,不但成立了書法研習班,在夏久淑領導下,喜愛書法的會員每兩星期聚會一次探討習練書法的心得和技巧,夏久淑更將自己研究的路徑和大家分享,讓喜愛書法會員有機會將俗世的煩惱拋開,在研習班各位學員努力下,協會成立了少年書法班,對書法深研十一年的小書法老師, 十五歲的史文涵志願擔任孩子的老師,沒有想到願意讓孩子學書法的家長有這麼多,少年書法班必須開兩班才滿足家長需要,沒有預料到中國的書法在東谷推廣發揚了。

Under the efforts of enthusiastic members, the association not only set up a calligraphy workshop, under the leadership of Joanna Xia, members who love calligraphy gather every two weeks to discuss the experience and skills of practicing calligraphy, Joanna will share the path of her research with everyone, so that members who love calligraphy have the opportunity to put aside the troubles of the world, under the efforts of the students in the workshop, the association set up a juvenile calligraphy class, a small calligraphy teacher who has studied calligraphy for eleven years, Shi Wenhan, fifteen years old Volunteering as a child's teacher, I did not expect that there are so many parents who are willing to let their children learn calligraphy, and the juvenile calligraphy class must open two classes to meet the needs of parents, and it was not expected that Chinese calligraphy was promoted and carried forward in The Eastvale.

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