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ECAA Chinese library, Runhe Luo’s speech <Richard Nixon>


The Presentation is talking about Richard Nixon who is a very rational and

hard-working president in American history. He has liked to read since he was a child.

Although his family conditions are not good, he still loves life and works hard. Runhe

Luo prepared this speech and seven people attended the meeting.


The Presentation is divided into three parts.

1. President Richard Nixon’s early life.

2. Learning experience

3. “Never give up” attitude


In the first part, Runhe Luo introduced the audience to the president Richard

Nixon's childhood andupbringing.Richard Nixon was a person who never gave up. He

has said more than once that he is not a quitter. And Coach Newman was his greatest

influence, because he was the person who instilled a “never give up” attitude in Richard

Nixon. Richard Nixon plays five instruments including the piano, the violin, the

saxophone, the clarinet, and the accordion.

In Richard Nixon’s speech, he said “Never be afraid to take risks for what you

believe. If you take no risks you will suffer no defeats, but if you take no risks you will

win no victory. You must never be satisfied by success and you must never be

discouraged by failure.” We admire this president's spirit of never giving up.


This meeting was very successful, and we learned that the experience of this

president is very inspiring.Thanks to the ECAA library for providing a place for us to

learn this knowledge.


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