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ECAA Engineering Club 科學工程俱樂部, Andrew Hse 創立四月 2022

Andrew 就讀 ERHS 高中,他很高興有機會來幫助 7 - 12 年級學生在理工科學如何參加競賽活動。

八年級的 Andrew Hse and Garrett You , 獲得 2020 Riverside County Science Fair 的第一名殊榮,但因為 COVID Pandemic 的影響 , 加州取消了全加州的競賽。

Andrew and Garrett 希望能有效提供經驗分享給想去參加科學競賽的小朋友們,讓大家都有一個成功的比賽結果。

Introduction of ECAA Engineering Club by Andrew Hse

The main idea behind this engineering club is to help provide guidance to younger students who are either doing, or are going to be doing, Science Fair. Starting this club would also be beneficial to us, the people hosting it, because it gives us a chance to practice our speaking and presentation skills, and we can put it in our resume for the future.

My friend, Garrett Yu, and I, Andrew Hse, founded this club. We’re both students attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School and we’re in the class of 2024. Engineering is a common interest between the two of us, so we decided to start a club around it. We’ve both been friends for a long time now and have worked on a lot of projects together, so we already have great synergy.

During these club sessions, we first talk about Science Fair generally, using our own project from middle school as an example of what’s expected, before asking the attendees about their interests and ideas, helping them expand and build upon them further. We conclude with either a fun activity, or a deeper dive into a more specific part of engineering, such as 3D printing.

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